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The best Paintballers in East Liverpool!!!

we are a small paintball club and in no way do we support any violence of any kind what so ever.


welcome to the East End Assassins web page.

   First off here is an introduction to our team.  we are a five man paintball team composed of teenagers in a small Ohio city.  We have our own paintball field.  We also have a place we call our victory grounds were we go to celebrate after every game won.  They both sit directly next to the Ohio river.  We all enjoy the sport very much.  Our team plays as often as we get the chance.  The team practices every second they have spare.  We love a good challenge and thrive on victory.  We run ourselves on a schedule were constantly the team does nothing but practice until they've perfected a sertain attack or strategy.  Most of us are very skilled when it comes to the sport of paintball.  We always crush our opponents.  Our team is still undefeated.  With that in mind we plan to soon gain the experience we need so our team can eventually sign up into huge tournament in hopes of taking the gold! Until then well play our best and enjoy the sport.  I hope you enjoy the web site.




we are currently looking for a organization to sponsor us in the future.  As a team we are willing to work with sponsors to the best of our abilities!



for questions or comments about our team please e-mail us at c_reed2002@hotmail.com




come back soon!!!

!!!see you on the field!!!

show your support for our armed services



!!!!we will and we do!!!!

This site is hosted by lyzysyvs.org

comments or suggestions? rants or raves? email me at c_reed2002@hotmail.com and let me know what you think!

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