The history of paintball

The deal on How paintball all started !!!

James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing, invented and patented what would become the first paintball gun.
This original paintball gun was manufactured and used by farmers and ranchers for marking trees and livestock.

May 1981
Paintball began in New Hampshire, U.S.A. the principal creators were
Bob Gurnsey, a sporting goods retailer
Hayes Noel, a stockbroker
Charles Gaines, a writer

June 27, 1981
The first game played:
12 players competing against each other
Using Nel-spot 007s pistols
The game was capture the flag
The winner captured all flags without firing a shot!

The first outdoor playing field was opened in Rochester, N.Y., by Caleb Strong

Charles Gaines marketed paintball as the National Survival Game (NSG)

PMI (Pursuit Marketing Inc.), was founded to market and distribute paintball products

The first NSG National Championship was held with a $14,000 cash purse

The first outdoor paintball fields opened in Toronto, Canada

Paintball started in Australia under the name of Skirmish Games
November 1984
The first indoor playing field opened in Buffalo, N.Y., by Caleb Strong

The first outdoor playing field was opened in England

IPPA (International Painball Players Association) was founded as a non-profit association dedicated to the education, growth and safety of paintball

Paintball begins in France, Denmark and other countries in Europe

NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) was founded and the NPPL Pro-Am Series started with sites around the U.S.

 Ever since paintball has been growing and growing ever bigger into the world wide loved sport it is today.

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