paintball tips


1) Use your brain more than your trigger finger. Paintball is a mental game as much as a physical one. You don't have to outshoot a player you can outwit.

2) Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. A good sense of situational awareness is a great asset to many players. Its a fact that when you focus your attention on any one area during a game the paintball that gets you will come from another direction.

3) The most pain(t)less way to learn is to watch the other players. Good players will use tactics you want to copy and the bad players will make goofs you don't want to repeat. It's a lot less damaging to the ego if you learn from the mistakes of the other guys without having to do them yourself.

4) Learn to balance aggression with caution. Keep close enough to get into the action and/or be able to retreat without exposing yourself too greatly.

5) Most importantly: This is a game. You're not here to collect scalps! You're here to have fun!

6) You should take the barrel plug or condom out of your gun BEFORE you have someone perfectly in your sights.

7) Sticking your head up in the same place more than twice transforms you from a paintball player into the main attraction at a turkey shootout.

8) When you've set up that perfect ambush, and have two players just walking into it, its a good idea not to have a watch that beeps on the hour.

9) Never shoot at sounds going through the bushes. Your fellow teammates and referees make noises too!

10) Give your teammates help if they need it! Ask for help if you need it. Even a mediocre team is better than a good individual player.

11) Remember which color armband you have on. Try to remember it's the members of the other team you are suppose to eliminate.

12) Never forget your peripheral vision. You see a player (sometimes it's even a teammate) and become so engrossed with shooting him that you don't even realize there are other guys around until one sticks his barrel practically up your butt!

13) If you're not defending the flag or waiting in ambush never stay in the same place too long! If you do that all you've done is pick your grave site.

14) Let your teammates know where you are. Friends are nice to have. Friendly fire is not!

15) Talk to your teammates let them know what's happening or the only words you'll be saying are "Ouch! Hit! Out!"

16) Don't shoot at someone when you see he's in the next zip code. If you freeze in place he'll most likely not see you until he's so close that you can't miss.

17) Watch your backside. I mean be careful it doesn't stick out from behind cover. It's by far everyone's favorite target.

18) Be sure to check out what team a player is on before taking orders from him.

19) On the first game of the day be a bit more careful before entering a hut. Sometimes they are occupied by unwelcome guests. In other words a skunk is faster on the draw than the average paintballer!

20) No matter how great a location it seems POISON IVY, POISON OAK, POISON SHUMACK, and RAGWEED patches are not good locations to hide in.

21) Lace your shoes very tight on fields with marshes. Many times a shoe has never been recovered on certain fields.

22) Late in the day don't go out onto the field unless you're sure you've got more gas in the bottle than you've gotten in your butt!

23) Never use the same tactic exclusively. Being tagged as "old Reliable" is not a compliment.

24) Never take on a player "head on" unless you have to. It's fine for John Wayne, but he has a stunt double, background music, and a script that says the other guy is going to DIE. Always try to get around and behind an opponent who's dug into a defensive position.

25) always know just about how much paint you have left in your hopper and never let it run out. They always rush you as you reload.

26) If you have to squeegee you marker from a ball break be sure to put the bolt back in before you fire it. Unless you like to kill your self. Yes the gun can shoot backwards!

27) (most important)!!!!Keep your goggles on!!!!

27) Its a game have fun!!!


These tips are not all mine.  Most of them were typed up from other tips that I have seen in different random  WebPages on the net.


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